Zipcast – One Click Web Conference based on SlideShare

The popular presentation and document sharing service SlideShare launched an instant web conference feature based on the SlideShare platform and the VoIP service tokbox. It’s called Zipcast.

From now on you can turn every public presentation on SlideShare into a web meeting with a click of a button and invite up to 5000 people to join via Facebook or Twitter.

The basic service is available for free. All you need is a SlideShare account and you are ready to go. The Zipcast will contain the slides you choose, a video and audio stream from the presenter, a text chat for the participants and the list of attendees.

There is not an extra paid plan for Zipcast only, if you choose one of the three paid plans of SlideShare you will get the option to hold Zipcast meeting which means that there is an audio stream option for all participants. Pro members can also password protect their meetings.

Another nice feature is that every SlideShare user with an account automatically gets a personalized url which is for example in Kirsten’s case

Everything takes place in your browser which makes it really simple and convenient. Nothing to download, nothing to install, no new windows popping up and it also means no struggles for Mac users.

According to TechCrunch coming features will include two way video and embedded Zipcasts.

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