YouTubeSocial – Watch Videos simultaneously with your Students

I just came across this nifty service on TechCrunch and thought I should share this with you as I think there are some interesting possibilities to use this in online education.

YouTubeSocial is a service that enables you and your friends to watch any video on YouTube simultaneously and you can even chat with them whilst watching the clip.

I am pretty sure that Jason West of English Out There is going to love this one. There are of course other platforms that offer something similar like WiZiQ or Mingleverse where you can share a YouTube video in the classroom / chat.

What YouTubeSocial does better to my mind is that you can simply connect it to Facebook and then invite your friends or share a tinyurl with people you would like to invite. That basically means that you could set this up in a minute or two, giving you another tool that can be used quite spontaneously in your online lesson planning.

Hence, if you already have a group of students on the internet this might be a cool new tool in your box. You could watch short documentaries or lectures, news or whatever tickles your fancy and have a discussion with your students. You, as the teacher, have the remote control, hence you can pause the video streaming at any point, ask questions, discuss etc.

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  • George

    Thanks Kay, nice little gem. I can never get enough of you guys who have teamed up with Kirsten. Whether you realize it or not, you are honorrary member of “the Edupunk” and are helping us to take back the power of self directed education. You are all heroes.

    PS Remember to keep a red pair of underwear with you. When the overthrow takes place, simply place them on your head while reciting the motto in flasetto, “semper ubi sub ubi”. 😉 It is a secret code sign for the partisans.

    • Kay Alexander

      Yes, sir. Thank you, sir. :)

      Glad to power educhange / edupunk. More tools to come, some awesome stuff at TC Disrupt.

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  • jasonoutthere

    Looks cool, I wonder if I can lay down other audio tracks….hmmm. Will take a look and thanks for the mention Kay!

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  • vidinotes

    Possibly creating a summary of a video can be a useful learning aid, see

    • KirstenWinkler

      Indeed, thanks for the link!