Word Lens – On-the-fly Video Translations Unplugged

Word Lens is one of those products that leave me speechless for a while. Apparently I was not the only one as the short video demonstration of the application instantly became viral on YouTube, something I never saw before. Up to today more than 3.250.000 people watched the video.

The application instantly translates texts from Spanish into English or vice versa, using the camera function of the iPhone 4. Just watch the video below, it speaks for itself.

Looking back on my post on the Google Translate Conversation mode and the implications for interpreters this is an even more obvious case of disrupting a market using common lifestyle technology.

Again, this is clearly an option for tourists as you can also tell by the examples the Quest Visual team used in the video. If you now take Word Lens in combination with Google Translate Conversation mode you have turned your iPhone into a personal, interactive travel dictionary with included interpretation service on the go.

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