WiZiQ introduces Self Paced Courses to Premium Members

Today WiZiQ officially launched a new feature for premium members of the platform. From now on premium teachers can create and sell asynchronous, self paced courses to students.

I think this is a great addition to the existing range of features and rounds up the overall experience for teachers as well as for students on the WiZiQ platform. And for teachers who are not yet premium members this could be a good reason to opt in for the premium account.

Each course will get a dedicated page on WiZiQ. Teachers can upload six different types of course material: Video, Audio, Documents, PDF, Spreadsheet and PowerPoint so basically everything you can already upload to your content directory on the platform. You can also add tests created with the WiZiQ test feature.

The price is up to the teacher, you can decide to offer your course for free or charge as much as you want. WiZiQ takes between 5% + $0.20 commission for students on your contact list and 25% for students who came over WiZiQ promoting your courses.

At the launch the course will only consist of asynchronous material. But it is planed to include live classes and recordings of classes to the course material later on.

You can see an example course of Integrating Technology over here.

I can already imagine a lot of creative uses of this new feature and the E-Teachers Academy will definitely take part in this.