Who let the Dog out? – English Attack! Finalist at The Next Web and Seedcamp Paris

Big month for English Attack!. The first entertainment only website for English learners is getting more and more attention.

The platform is not only one of the 20 companies which take part in the Mini Seedcamp in Paris but is also one of the 25 finalists for The Next Web event in Amsterdam end of April.

English Attack! just launched its private beta test and I had the chance to meet the founders Paul Maglione and Frédéric Tibout in Paris twice last month where they gave me a detailed overview about the platform and their plans for the near future.

Below you can see my EDUKWEST interview with Frédéric where you can also see the different functionalities of English Attack!.

If you remember, English Attack! also pitched on the Plugg Start Up Rally and the TechCrunch Paris event so it seems as if the tech / web 2.0 world is at least interested in the concept of this company. Maybe that is given to the fact that the platform is based on and build around video content and interactive games which resonates with the ideas and expectations of the tech scene.

Which is a good sign for English Attack! as this is basically the audience it is planning to target. Internet users between 15 and 30 years of age who are open to new ways of learning without the classic dogmata like structure, grammar and vocabulary drills.

Read more on the English Attack! Blog and on the Seedcamp Blog or sign up for a beta account.