VocabSushi – Bitesize Learning

I love Sushi. For me it’s one of the most perfect food creations of mankind. Pure, elegant, tasty. Everything you need.

VocabSushi transfers those features into a vocabulary learning tool. You see, I am already excited about this product and yes, I admit it impressed me right from the start. Like last year, when I discovered Mingoville (watch also the EDUKWEST interview with Stephan Stephensen). So what is VocabSushi all about?

VocabSushi was conceived and created by Jeff Novich, an SAT tutor with degrees in physics and computer science as well as a masters in journalism. As you can see a quite unique mix.

He has always been fascinated by the written word and how an extensive vocabulary empowers writers to convey ideas using precise language.

The method behind VocabSushi is quite simple. Jeff believes that vocabulary is learned best when its embeded in the context, e.g. complete sentences rather than trying to memorize only definitions.

Based on this philosophy, VocabSushi provides thousands of sentences that demonstrate any vocab word’s contemporary usage in news articles. Compared to the brute force method of flashcard definitions, a deeper understanding of the word can be attained simply by reading several interesting sentences that contain that word.

Watch the video below to get a short overview about the various features or, for a more complete overview, the video from the NYTechMeetup.

To get a complete overview I suggest to check out VocabSushi’s How it works site or, even better, sign up for a free account and start learning some vocabulary yourself.

The student version is completely free and there are no ads either. You can also sign up for a Pro account which is designed for teachers/tutors/parents who want to customize the experience that their students get – by customizing the wordlist, assigning homework and quizzes and monitoring progress of an entire class of students.


As I said, I am totally sold to this product. It is a very simple yet brilliant idea and the way Jeff thought of every single detail is simply astonishing. I am looking forward interviewing him soon on EDUKWEST. Hence if you have any questions for Jeff you would like to have answered in the interview, please post them in the comments below.

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  • chinamike

    He mentions context in this presentation a lot but after taking a test I was sometimes frustrated by the low context. True a sentence is more meaningful than a single word, but context is often dependent on more than just a single sentence.

    Having said that this is a very slick, well thought out site. I am really curious about how MP3 (sound) is integrated into the site.

    • http://VocabAhead.com Faiza

      For proper pronunciation and reading words in context, really, try http://VocabAhead.com The words are explained using such fun and lively pictures that it becomes very easy to make visual connections with them. High quality audio defines each word clearly in the form of a 20-30 sec short story based on the visuals. Multiple example sentences are there to reinforce your learning. Do check us out!

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    Seems a pretty good to understand English more easily.