Udemy secures $1 Million USD Seed Round by well-known Angels

Udemy, the Academy of You raised a one million USD seed round led by a line up of well-known Angels and Seed Funds. After the recent launch of Udemy Academic this is the second big news from this energetic young startup.

I had the chance to interview Gagan Biyani on Sunday for EDUKWEST being one of the first to officially share the news. Below you will find an excerpt of our talk and at the end of this post you can find the link to the entire interview in which Gagan explains how they were able to raise this round.

I said it already a couple of times, these guys are amongst the hardest working people I know in our industry, so I was not surprised when I got the news last week via an email from Gagan. What actually surprised me is the list of angels who invested in Udemy.

Investors in Udemy include¬†Keith Rabois, Mark Sugarman’s MHS Capital, Rick Thompson, Russ Fradin, Benjamin Ling, Larry Braitman, Jeremy Stoppelman, Naval Ravikant, Paul Martino, Josh Stylman and Dave McClure’s 500 Startups Fund. Udemy’s fundraising was extremely successful due to help from Adeo Ressi’s Founder Institute and VentureHacks’ AngelList.

An interesting fact that Gagan also brings up in the interview is the one that actually none of them are focused on educational startups and the education focused angels who Gagan pitched were those who then did not invest in the platform.

The interview with Gagan is actually something like a course in itself. You could title it “Fund Raising 101 with Gagan Biyani” as he shares some great insights about how to plan a funding round and what you should take care of prior to it.

You can watch the entire EDUKWEST interview with Gagan Biyani of Udemy on the EDUKWEST website or download the episode on iTunes.

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    Thanks Kirsten for the kind words and the post! Look forward to watching the interview to see how it turned out!