Twitter Spammers getting smarter?

Ok, this is a new category on my blog where I want to share some non educational posts with you all. I hope on a daily basis as I want to keep them short.

Today I want to share some new Twitter followers of mine: @burrisd72 @blackwellg57 @tysonz75 @whitleyt83
@wilkinsons88 and @princet97

The first “coincidence” was that they joined my followers list all together in the same minute. Must be close buddies those six guys. Doing all the stuff together. They all started tweeting some hours ago plus they are all tweeting from API.

My guess: to cloak their spam accounts for Twitter they are subscribing to “real” accounts via Twitterfeed and then retweet those tweets on their accounts to pretend to be “real” people. Anyone else who got new followers?

Ah, my favourite of the bunch is burrisd72.

I think I will click that link and date him…NOT ;).


Just found out that they are not getting smarter. The last tweet of burris came from:

There goes my theory… And I guess my chances for a date are gone, too :(