Tutorspree – Find great Tutors for your Kids

Today, a new local service for tutors launched in the US. Tutorspree is a place for parents to find great tutors for their kids, the service is targeting the K12 sector only.

At the moment the service is available in New York City, Washington DC, Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

As Tutorspree is a local service, the search interface is pretty straight forward and reminds of the popular booking site airbnb. Parents start their search by simply entering the city they are living in. They will then get a selection of tutors in that city which then gets refined by subjects, ratings, price or distance.

The profile pages of the tutors give detailed information including ratings by parents and peers, teaching experience, education and tutoring subjects and of course a contact button.

According to TechCrunch the pain points that Tutorspree is aiming to solve are the difficulties that parents have when choosing a tutor as the market is controlled by agencies and offers on services like Craigslist are not considered to be trust worthy. Tutorspree wants to offer a simple and transparent way to book tutors. Every tutor on the service has been screened by the service in advance and needs to fulfill minimum requirements. Tutors who have taught children in a classroom environment will be favored.

For tutors the service offers a better cut from their earning. The first lesson will get a 50% cut which is appears to be less money than the other agencies on the market take. For each lesson given after that initial one, the cut will be reduced, meaning the tutor will earn more.

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