The Royal Family of Education

Based on the vivid discussion that came up after the ETCon and which is still going on a new metaphor came to my mind today and I want to share it with you, of course.

As “real” life often reflects into the online sphere and vice versa: What if we see Skype, Webmeetings and Virtual Worlds as the Royal Family of Education? I think there are interesting parallels.

The Queen is of course Skype. She is around for a long time now, we know her and we trust her. The Queen is reliable and a symbol for online teaching.

The Prince of Wales is a Webmeeting. He is also around for some time already but somehow it is now too late for him to shape a period after him. Like Queen Victoria did (the Email?) with the Victorian Era and probably his mother will do.

As long as the Queen will not die, which will happen to the Queen of England but also actually may happen to Skype,¬† there is no real chance for the Prince of Wales to get the crown because she won’t resign. And he is getting older and older in the meanwhile.
And with all the scandals in the past, e.g. bad voice quality, crashes and too many features overstraining the users people will remember these  in the end not the possible positive aspects that may come along with them.
But maybe one day Charles will become King of England and maybe someday a Webmeeting will be as stable and reliable as the Queen Skype but then it will be only for a very short period, a footnote in history with no real impact.

And then there is Prince William, the Virtual World already waiting. He is young, dynamic, good looking and very popular amongst the younger generation but he also has fans amongst the older people. He stands for renewal and some want to see him on the throne instead of his father. A direct switch from Skype to Online Worlds.
The Prince has still to learn a bit and to settle down but for many people he is already looking very promising.

What do you think? Anything to add or am I completely wrong?