The new CEO of Livemocha goes Mobile and Looks Out for the Best Customer

Livemocha recently named Michael Schutzler as new CEO of the company with Co-Founder Shirish Nadkarni changing to the role of chairman and Chief Strategy Officer.

And Schutzler does not waste time as it seems.

In one of the first interviews as CEO Schutzler said the company plans to extend their services to mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. With the last funding of $8 million USD in the war chest this should be only a matter of time. And he already is pinging his personal network. For example Kevin Foreman, the CEO of Point Inside a mobile phone application company.

And there is another gem he left for us on Twitter. Livemocha seems to get 60% of its traffic from Latin America.

So, who is Michael Schutzler? He was the CEO of and turned the tiny startup into a profitable company which was then sold to United Online fo $150 million in 2004. He served also as Senior Vice President at RealNetworks, a casual games business, and

Besides that Schutzler founded his own company CEOsherpa, as business coaching firm and he is in several boards of different companies. So to sum this up: he seems to have some experience under his belt :).

In the past months Babbel was able to take a technological lead in the race with the launch of their iPhone apps and now with the launch of the speech recognition tool. hello-hello as a new competitor was able to attract eyeballs and market share by offering the first native iPad application to learn languages. Livemocha did concentrate more on the expansion of its premium courses with Collins but according to the interviews and press releases it seems that the mobile component will start playing a bigger role now.

Schutzler says in an interview with Xconomy that

The biggest challenge in the near term is brilliantly serving the 6 million members we have. The biggest challenge in the coming years is reaching language learners on many different platforms—not just the website, but on the iPhone, Droid, at coffee shops. Everywhere.

Another very interesting aspect comes up when Schutzler is talking about the takeaways in his previous positions and what he will apply to Livemocha. At RealNetworks they started with the assumption that the young American white man would be the perfect customer for their products but it came out that in fact it was the middle aged woman from every country was the best customer. Hence

Finding our “best” customer at Livemocha and giving them a fantastic, immersive experience will be an exciting challenge.

Really looking forward to this “new era” of Livemocha and to Schutzler’s tweets :). You can follow him, too @CEOsherpa.

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  • BobmconaldsonIII

    The customer service is so poor at,
    one makes a tech support ticket and won't get an answer back for at least a month,
    and it is only a cut and paste answer
    the reps take NO ownership of the problem and don't value ideas or feedback.
    The business model is so flawed here.
    If they don't do something, this company will be bankrupt after their final seed money dries.

    Also, I personally have sent numerous ideas and strategies to them and never got a thank you or even a reply, almost like, DON”T BOTHER US , this is their mentality.

    • Mick1111

      I sent them an email giving some ideas and one email with a question , and I got an email saying we will get back to you. 1 month later, no reply. I sent another email, still no reply. I called a number and got transferred and then they hung up on me. Don't expect any service at all. This site will definitely be a joke soon.

      • Bobit1257

        This article is from over a year ago, and they STILL don’t have an smartphone app! Not only this, but their site isn’t even really usable on a smartphone, which many people are now using more than their laptops. Plus they are charging money now. People are just going to vote with their feet.

  • Ju W.

    I desperately want this android app

  • Donaldjones

    What a joke of an article!
    2 years later, not app and this supposed genius CEO you write about has done what?
    This will be another myspace and bankrupt soon.

    • KirstenWinkler

      Apparently Livemocha decided to focus on emerging markets, deals with telcos and publishers. Why they have no apps yet is also beyond my understanding.

      Btw, what did you predict two years ago?

  • Алиса Дементьева

    As you may have heard, Livemocha is no longer in business and that link no longer works.
    Also, site,, is an web and mobile language learning tool for learning languages in context. This is a good analog of Livemocha!