TenMarks Videos now available via Pearson Perspective

Yes, two Pearson related news in one day. This second article deals with the “online remediation and enrichment solution” Perspective which will feature the more than 1.200 instructional math videos by TenMarks.

Perspective is an integrated assessment and instruction solution that provides students with a roadmap leading them to specific online resources based on their scores.

Quoting the press release:

Perspective features a friendly, easy-to-understand overview of a student’s performance on assessments for teachers and families. Through its Learning Locator service, Perspective ties student performance to standards-aligned learning resources, such as the math videos from TenMarks, selected to address student assessment performance.

I think this is a great opportunity for TenMarks to attract more teachers and students alike. The majority of TenMarks services is available for free, as you might know. Teachers can use the product for free with their classes, students have free access to all the 1.200 + videos on the YouTube channel.

If those students then still need the last push of some extra help, there is of course a premium version available.

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