TenMarks is now free to use for Educators

TenMarks, the startup that is going to disrupt math and science education in the coming months made a big announcement yesterday. From now on, the whole platform is free to use for math educators.

I had the chance to meet with Rohit Agarwal for an indepth EDUKWEST interview last Friday. In this interview we talked about the mission of TenMarks which is simply put to change the life of millions of math students world wide.

I already said on various occasions that to me TenMarks is one of the up and coming players in online education. If you take a look at what they have  accomplished already in the eighteen months they are working on the development of the platform you can only imagine what they will build in the months to come.

Below you can watch a demo of the product to better understand how amazingly easy and efficient TenMarks works.

When you sign up for the TenMarks program, you get the best math practice environment available today – period. Each of your students gets a personalized account with a curriculum that you’ve chosen, mapped to state standards and customized to your lesson plans. They can practice topics covered in class, complete assignments, or review past concepts to refresh themselves – whenever they want, as much as they want. No limits. They also unlock games and certificates based on their performance to keep them motivated. Your account allows you to monitor, assign and review your students work. You can easily assign work to your students or even send them a note congratulating them on their good work. You can even let a parent know that their child is doing really well with parent messaging. You get reports which give you an instant snapshot on the entire class, a particular concept, or an individual student.

Now why do the guys at TenMarks do all this? Rohit explains their reasoning in detail during our EDUKWEST interview and I invite everyone to watch it but to sum this up they believe if they are able to reach 20 million students, 19 million of them will be perfectly happy with the free solution they can use in class. However, 1 million of them will have the need for a little extra help provided by the monthly subscription model at $10 USD per month. I think you can do the math, even without using TenMarks ;).

Last week I already talked about the TenMarks YouTube channel which currently offers 1300 math videos and counting. My point was that it might be a bit difficult to find the video I need and that there is no structure yet. Little did I know. If teachers go to the TeacherZone of TenMarks, which is a subdomain of the main website, they are provided with the complete video library, sorted by topics and grades.

Therefore, if you are a math teacher, give TenMarks a try today. It’s not only free but hands down the most comprehensive math learning and teaching tool on the market today.

You also need to watch the complete EDUKWEST interview with Rohit as it will give you an in depth view on the vision behind TenMarks and an outlook where the company will be heading in the coming months as math won’t be the only market they are going to disrupt.

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