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TechCrunch Disrupt, formerly known as TechCrunch 50, is always a great source for seeing awesome products for the first time. Startups are presenting / launching their product at the event and fight to win the TechCrunch Disrupt Cup plus a $50k prize.

I would like to focus on the startups that I think could be either an interesting addition to online teaching / education or even have the power to change the market.

The first company that I would like to present to you in this little series is Storify. Storify lets you create stories using social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Google, etc. You can simply search for a specific term, “storify” something you see in the web browser using the widget or embed media from other sites.

It is really easy to use as you basically drag and drop your snippets, arrange them in the story line, add some extra text, if you like and then hit publish. The amazing thing is that all links stay active in the story. For example, if you are building a story based on tweets of different people, their Twitter profile is automatically linked in the story. And even better, when you hit publish you can choose to send a tweet to those people, letting them know that they are mentioned in your story. Great way to get some virality.

The other amazing thing is that it is so easy to share the story. Visitors can even choose to embed the story on their own blog, hence it is like YouTube videos but in text format.

I can see great use cases for this in the classroom where students could build stories based on a given topic by searching the different social media channels, embed content or tweets in their stories, add their own comments and then publish it on the class blog.

Below is a quick story I created using Storify from the Language Learning and Web 2.0 – 6 Key Dialogues panel Kirsten was attending today. Took me about 5 minutes. As you can see on the top right, you can easily share it on Twitter, send it via email or even embed it on your own blog. The potential in education is enormous, I’d say.

If you would like to try it out yourself, Storify gave away a beta key for the service that might be still valid. Try it out by simply entering “tcdisrupt” on the Storify website, connect with your Twitter account and start to storify.

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  • Tim Gasper

    Congrats go out to Storify on a great TC Disrupt presentation! This is a great blog post regarding their product. I especially like the exploration of how it could be applied to education, such as for assignments – very interesting use case. Some other sites to keep tabs on also in the curation space include http://curated.by – and