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I wrote a blog post about this trend around checkins a couple of months ago in which I asked the question why we don’t implement these game mechanics into education?

And actually some of the big ivy league universities just recently teamed up with Foursquare another to enhance the campus experience but those are all location based rewards meaning that you need to check in on the actual campus to gain badges etc.

Badgeville brings this experience to websites and blogs, enabling highly customizable rewards for actions on the internet.

Of course, the service is mainly targeting businesses and blogs outside the education space but all of us have a problem in common: get people to do something on the site instead of consuming the content only. This action could be commenting, clicking the like or share button, tweet about an article, stumble it etc.

Badgeville offers a completely customizable platform for behaviors and rewards including analytics tools, widgets and of course a seamless Twitter and Facebook integration.

As closed networks for schools and universities are getting more and more popular, the implementation of such a reward system could be a great way to enhance the experience of such. I could imagine rewards for answering questions in study groups, sharing a document, delivering a homework on time, extra activities and so on and so forth. And badges are not even a new thing to education. Boy scouts get badges for good performance so why not students?

The pricing of the product depends of the size of your site / audience.

You can watch the two presentations of Badgeville on TechCrunch Disrupt, they are linked below below. The startup won the Audience Choice Award at the event.

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  • Kris Duggan

    Really great post Kirsten. We would love to work with some education focused organizations to really build out some stellar examples in education. Its all about desired behaviors, and rewarding those behaviors!

    • KirstenWinkler

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Would love to talk to you about your product in education. Will be in London this week but maybe we could schedule something from October 11th on.

  • Brad Durkin

    I'm one of the co-owners of The College Social Network. We have over 70,000 registered users, and this is something we should discuss further.