TeachStreet launches Decision Engine for GMAT and GRE Test Takers

Although I have not written about TeachStreet on this blog yet,  it is one of my favourite services since I have first heard of them in early 2009. The reason why I did not mention TeachStreet up to now was that they were only available in the US.

But that might change soon and hence you will read more about this company from Seattle from now on over here.

If you would like to learn more about this awesome platform I recommend watching the EDUKWEST interview with Dave Schappell, Founder and CEO of TeachStreet. He started TeachStreet because when he was looking for some lessons to be able to drive his scooter, the only place he could find them was on an old blackboard at the back of the shop of his local scooter dealer.

Hence TeachStreet started as the online version of the classic blackboard, covering a handful of the major cities in the US. Soon new services were added to the site and today TeachStreet offers besides its core feature multiple tools for teachers to promote their classes, receive payments and manage their teaching business online.

Today TeachStreet launched two sub sites to their service during the LeadsCon in Las Vegas, targeted to GMAT and GRE test takers. You can find the sites at http://gmat.teachstreet.com and http://gre.teachstreet.com.


The specialty sites include the most requested tools from test takers including:

  • free tools to build an individualized study plan, customized to a student’s test date
  • the world’s most comprehensive collection of top-tier local and online GMAT and GRE test preparation course providers, including Kaplan Test Prep, Manhattan GMAT, ed2go, Grockit, Knewton, Manhattan Review, PowerScore, Veritas Prep and more
    • Compare across Price, User Ratings, Location, Start Date, Duration, Online/Local, Group/1:1, Guaranteed Results and more
  • access to free GMAT and GRE practice tests and questions from GMAT Club, Grockit, JumboTests, Magoosh
  • guides to the top GMAT and GRE test preparation books
  • robust online GMAT forums, powered by industry-leader GMATClub.com
  • aggregated information from 100s of top MBA and GMAT/GRE bloggers, including The MBA Admissions Studio, Stacy Blackman MBA Admissions Consulting, GMAT Ninja, and GRE Guide — in addition, TeachStreet announced it’s own test prep-focused blog (www.TestPrepFinder.com)
  • all of the background information a test taker needs, including test format descriptions, scoring, point ranges, official testing websites, average scores for top colleges and more

As you can see, besides getting renown partners in the test prep space TeachStreet built a really useful service helping test takers to plan everything in advance, compare prices and ratings of service providers and even getting access to free resources as well as researching the average scores for different colleges. As Dave Schappel said, TeachStreet wants to be the comprehensive starting point for all of their test-taking needs.

TeachStreet really does a great job in offering a valuable service to both students and teachers without interfering with the actual relationship between both of them. Or, quoting Jay Weintraub, Founder at LeadsCon:

“Their emphasis on transparency and consumer choice represent the natural evolution of customer acquisition online. They provide a performance-based solution for educators without comprising on the user experience.”

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  • Pingback: Kirsten Winkler()

  • http://twitter.com/coulix coulix

    This is great i would have loved to use this while studying for GMAT.

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  • http://www.nosnivelling.com daveschappell

    Thanks for the post, Kirsten, we really appreciate it — and, I'm sorry that we didn't get the international registration (for the site, for students) into the launch — expect it in the next few days!

    • http://kirstenwinkler.com KirstenWinkler

      I waited for so long, so a couple more days won't hurt :). Congrats for the launch, another well developed product of TeachStreet.

  • http://www.nosnivelling.com daveschappell

    Alright, Ms. Winkler — you can FINALLY register without needing a US Zip Code (any country is supported for at least creating an account). There's still a restriction on where classes can be listed, and a little bit of search/browse oddity (because it'll always TRY to figure out a local geography), but you can elect to search for online classes, etc.

    And, if you already created your account, you can go in an change your country (France, perhaps?) and the zip code requirement will be gone. More to fix, but this is a step in the right direction!

    Can make your account changes here:

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    That's a great news!

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