Teaching Business is Personal

In Teaching Business is Personal

On Buzzfeed or Business Insider this post would be titled “10 Leadership Lessons I learned from watching the Godfather”. But as it is a) almost Christmas and b) I am henceforth a bit lazy I’ll give you just one lesson today. And it’s exactly the opposite of what the Godfather would tell you.

In teaching your business is personal. Never ever forget that. People will hire you and stick with you because of who you are as all the rest, the material and content is replaceable. Teaching is very personal which includes the following aspects.


Like it or not but in order to succeed with teaching, tutoring or coaching you need to have a personality. Don’t be dull or boring. That might be OK in the classroom but you are out there on the market. Would you pay to spend your time with a boring fellow? Don’t think so. You might as well buy a bucket of paint and watch it dry on the wall.

Personality is a huge asset and quite frankly everyone has one somewhere. Now you don’t need to be a born entertainer to teach but depending on your target audience you need to have and show a matching personality. Work on it and make it part of your package.

Being personal

Often overlooked but really essential. Don’t be the person that just shows up for the lesson. It is in your best interest to keep your students for as long as possible, hence you need to allow yourself and your students to be personal. My lessons always started with a small chitchat. How is work, how is the family, pets, holiday etc.

Again, especially in the language learning sector people will book a private tutor to train conversational skills. And what do people want to talk about in another language? I think you get my point.

Now, you don’t need to know about every little detail in your student’s life, neither does your student need to know everything about yours but a bit of social glue when appropriate will help you retain loyal customers over years.

Personal Brand

That’s a whole chapter in itself and will be part of a mini series about starting a tutoring business 2014 edition. Both parts however, personality and being personal, play a huge part in a successful personal brand. Therefore it is never too early to start working on both.