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Monday RoundUp

MRU: Global Language Communities, valued Interns and Biz and Livia Stone

Livemocha is strengthening its footprint in Latin America. Abril Educacao bought 5.9% of the Seattle-based startup and is planning to build a platform for the rising Brazilian middle class.

Babbel is going to expand its mobile offers by acquiring the application department of software company Aspirement in October. The premium language learning community also tripled its revenue in 2011 and is planning to expand to North America.

InternMatch raised a $500k funding round from renown investors, expands US wide and launched a new feature for companies called Community Pages. Those pages are showcases for company culture and help interns to get a first idea of what it will be like working for the company before even applying for an internship. Launch partners are major brands like Pixar, Aol, Wikimedia and others.

The Des Moines Area Community Colleges are planning to extend their offering by implementing WizIQ Classrooms in Fall. The platform will be used for everything from virtual office hours to synchronous lectures, lesson capture or outreach to prospective students.

Biz Stone and his wive Livia announced the first fundraiser for the Biz and Livia Stone Foundation. The goal of the non-profit is to support education and conservation efforts in the state of California.

In EDUKWEST #71 I talked with Josh Koppel, co-founder of ScrollMotion. ScrollMotion is a renown developer of digital books, magazines and applications and is behind the digital version of Esquire and the Oprah Winfrey magazine. Now, the company turned the HMH Algebra 1 textbook into an interactive application. The company has the potential to become a vital competitor for Kno and Inkling.

On Big Think I wrote about Language Learning Communities being the pubs of the global village and the Digital Backpack becoming more and more a reality.

No free Lunch but free Starters – TeachStreet Basic Listings

About a year ago TeachStreet took a quite radical step and switched the freemium model into premium only for teachers. I amongst others saluted Dave Schappell and the team for this move.

Today Dave posted an update on the TeachStreet blog, announcing that the basic listing on the platform will be switched to free again. On the other hand the “Teacher Request” feature will become part of the paid services on TeachStreet.

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Monday Roundup: busuu, Myngle and WizIQ

In today’s MRU we will take a look at busuu’s newest funding round, Marina Tognetti of Myngle sharing some rare insights in a video interview, WizIQ changing its logo and Bo.lt which lets you copy and edit any website you like.
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Monday Roundup: authorSTREAM, Livemocha and Le Camping

As the boss is in Paris today to learn first hand how to get super rich and / or famous on YouTube, I guess it is up to me to share some interesting bits that landed in our inbox last week.

Today’s MRU is about the new authorStream which wants to take on Slideshare, the polished Livemocha navigation and some interesting edu startups that came out of LeCamping in Paris.
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Review:ed 2010 – July to September

The third quarter of 2010 started with the sale of eduFire to Camelback Education which led to various posts on the business model of live lessons itself and the question if those platforms and services ever take off.

Other big topics were the PR battle between Livemocha and Rosetta Stone around the launch of their new flagship products Active Courses and TOTALe, the rise of Udemy, the pivot of YongoPal and the growing necessity of tracking and recording learning in the new decade.

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WiZiQ reveals new Pricing Structure

As WiZiQ already mentioned in emails going out to premium members back in August, the platform is planning to revise their pricing structure, starting at $120 per year.

Today Harman Singh, Founder and CEO finally announced the date for those changes in an email: the new prices will roll out on November 1st.

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WiZiQ about to Raise Premium Membership Price to $120?

A couple of days ago I got mail from WiZiQ reminding me that my Premium account for the E-Teachers Academy (which has been set up for me to host the ETCons last year) is about to expire.

Normally those emails are not that exciting but in this case there was something very interesting about it:

The prices are being revised soon [new prices start at $120 per annum].

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WiZiQ launches New Virtual Classroom

Today WiZiQ launched its newest version of their virtual classroom environment. The new version promises to have a better sound quality, you can stream video of up to four participants, the whiteboard has new features and also the media player got a make over.

But with every upgrade there might come some teething pains so lets do a quick check in case you plan to have a class on WiZiQ, soon.

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First Look at – Nixty

Apparently a new LMS / WLA called Nixty launched today. Nixty is aiming to empower education for everyone by offering simple to use tools for teachers to create multimedia enabled courses.

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TeachStreet now has an API

TeachStreet soft-launched an API for the Classes which enables web developers to get access to the class listing data and metadata.

Hence the API is purely one way at the moment as far as I understand it. You can pull data about listed classes but you cannot enter classes from outside of the platform.

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review:ed Episode #3.2 – Is Udemy a Copy Cat of Sclipo and WiZiQ? What defines a Copy Cat?

Following our talk about the Groupon CityDeal deal and its possible impact on the European start up scene we went on talking about Udemy which is one of the hottest online education start ups right now.

Udemy has been largely covered on the two leading tech blogs TechCrunch and Mashable and many other blogs, including me here on KirstenWinkler.com and EDUKWEST.

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You can now follow Teachers – on WiZiQ

WiZiQ just rolled out a new feature. Students can now follow teachers on the platform to keep themselves updated on their activities.

The new feature also aims on getting more leads or, in other words, more paying students for the teachers.

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WiZiQ about to lauch new version of the Virtual Classroom

There were already rumors about an update / new version of the WiZiQ classroom for a while and yesterday the teachers of the platform received an email announcing the launch in “less than a month from now”.

In this email you get an overview about the new features and a link that leads you to a demo of the new classroom.

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Myngle now ahead by a beak?

Yesterday, I received one of the new and regularly coming News Bulletins from the Myngle education team. Normally you can get the news by reading the email for gist but this one caught my attention as it presents some substantial additions to the platform.

In fact the coming changes could give Myngle a lead over its competitors.

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authorSTREAM gives away an iPad – Just tweet one Feature

authorSTREAM, a platform where you can share PowerPoint presentations on the internet and which is part of authorGEN, the company behind WiZiQ, gives away an iPad. Yes, the device everybody is talking about on your Twitter stream since Saturday.

All you have to do to get on the list is to tweet one feature of authorSTREAM like PowerPoint to iPads, Present Live or PowerPoint to YouTube.

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The recently launched LearnerConnect Feature on WiZiQ gets an Extension for Students of the Platform

About three weeks ago WiZiQ introduced its new LearnerConnect feature to the premium members of the platform which allows teachers to track students who are potentially interested in taking a lesson.

Now WiZiQ opened the feature towards the student’s side, allowing them to directly connect with teachers.

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WiZiQ adds a slick new Feature for Premium Members called LearnerConnect

WiZiQ keeps adding great features for its Premium account teachers and honestly, even before this newest feature the $49 USD per year were totally worth signing up for it.

Anyway, the new feature LearnerConnect is one more good reason. It enables the teacher to see who took part in his / her public classes and public tests.

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udemy – Academy of You – new Platform launches with interesting Features

Earlier this week I had the chance to talk to Gagan Biyani, Co-Founder of udemy.com and he invited me for a tour. The project is an interesting mixture of different tools we already know from other platforms but it also offers some new features that I think are quite useful for online education.

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WiZiQ offers Free Premium Accounts to Academic Teachers

There might be no free lunch but for a limited time, until February 28th to be exact, there is a free virtual classroom for academic teachers. Not only for a year but for a lifetime.

All you have to do is sign up with your .edu email account and invite at least 20 other people to join WiZiQ.

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Christmas Presents from WiZiQ

Today WiZiQ and italki both announced some very interesting new features to their websites which will be very helpful for teachers who are using those platforms.

WiZiQ is enlarging the possibilities for teachers to monetize on the content they deliver and italki adds some long awaited features like lesson packages to their service which I will cover in a second post.

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