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app:ed #2 – VocabSushi

This is a demonstration of the new VocabSushi iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad app by Jeff Novich.

He did this demo during an EDUKWEST interview and it gives you a great overview on the functionalities of this stand alone product. You don’t need to be a subscriber to the main VocabSushi offer to use the application.

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Drop the #VocabBomb – Game on Twitter to brush up your Vocab

Just finished a nice talk with Jeff Novich of VocabSushi and I am really happy to have him back on EDUKWEST this coming Monday to catch up on what he has been up to in the past months since our first interview.

One thing I would like to share with you already now is a cool little game he developed based on VocabSushi using Twitter and the hashtag #vocabbomb.

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Review:ed 2010 – January to March

As 2010 was such a fast paced year, I thought it would be nice to go back in the archives and take a look back at the most interesting events.

So, let’s start our little trip down memory lane with the months of January, February and March 2010.

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VocabSushi – Bitesize Learning

I love Sushi. For me it’s one of the most perfect food creations of mankind. Pure, elegant, tasty. Everything you need.

VocabSushi transfers those features into a vocabulary learning tool. You see, I am already excited about this product and yes, I admit it impressed me right from the start. Like last year, when I discovered Mingoville (watch also the EDUKWEST interview with Stephan Stephensen). So what is VocabSushi all about?

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