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R:ED January 9th to January 22nd 2011

  1. “Z-Type”: An HTML5 Video Game for English Majors
  2. Viral Video: The British Library’s Stiff Upper App
  3. We Want our M(ath) TV! First-Person Instructional Videos and the Youtube Classroom
  4. Intel Shows Us the Digital Future of Lego [VIDEO]
  5. ¡Increíble! Google Turns Your Android Phone Into An On-The-Fly Conversation Interpreter
  6. Wolfram Alpha Takes on Education With Algebra, Calculus & Music Theory Apps
  7. How to Spend $100 Million to Really Save Education
  8. Game Written by a 14-Year-Old Passes Angry Birds as Top Free iPhone App
  9. With New Software, Headsets Are Outsmarting Phones
  10. Why Webcasts Are Perfect for Tapping Into Emerging Markets
  11. Vook Raises $5.25 Million, Builds Media Fit For Tablets And Smartphones
  12. The State Of Wikipedia (Video + Infographic)
  13. RightNow Acquires Natural Language Search Company Q-go For $34 Million
  14. Scribd Raises Another $13 Million, Aims To Bring Social Reading To Every Device
  15. Vidyo Raises Another $11.5 Million For Videoconferencing Solutions
  16. MegaReader brings true multitasking to the iPhone, lets you walk and read at the same time (video)
  17. $99 concept NoteSlate tablet does electronic ink in color, but only one at a time
  18. Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments and Bessemer Venture Partners Invest $15 Million in Flat World Knowledge
  19. Mobile Web Growth in Africa: Hotter Than the Sahara!
  20. India’s $35 tablet delay dashes hopes, destroys dreams
  21. Web Inventor Tim Berners-Lee Seeks Voice-Enabled Internet in Africa
  22. Somewhere Apple Execs Are Smiling: iPads Are Now Mandatory at This Private School
  23. Slovenia Calling: Vox.io Connects Internet Calls Through Your Browser

R:ED August 29th to September 4th

  1. Fora.TV Triples Traffic. Wait, That Many People Want Hour-Long Videos on Economics?
  2. Skype Introduces 10-Way Video Calling
  3. EverFi Raises $11 Million For Financial Literacy Education Application
  4. Textbook Rentals Go Into Hypergrowth: Bookrenter Says Revenues Are Growing 725 Percent
  5. Udemy Scores $1M In Seed Funding, Aims To Democratize Online Learning
  6. 15 Essential Back to School Podcasts
  7. Vidyo Bets On The iPad And iPhone For The Future Of Video Conferencing
  8. comScore: Time Spent Watching Live Web Video Up 650 Percent
  9. Rise of the Anti-Content Farmers
  10. The Boss Is Robotic, and Rolling Up Behind You