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becoming a YouTube Partner

Is a YouTube Channel a Key Success Factor for Edupreneurs?

YouTube PartnerMy old friend George has just rebooted his Edupunk / My ESL Friends venture with the premise to finally earn a living from teaching English on the Internet. Hurray to that!

Of course, offering live classes on the web that have a price tag attached to them is a magnitude more difficult than offering them for free and even free classes are often not overbooked if we take a look around the various platforms that still exist.

So he asked for some ideas to market the classes in our Edupreneurs Club on Facebook (if you are interested to talk about making money teaching online and professional exchange in general, that’s the place to go and we are always happy about new members and their input).

My advice was to use YouTube as a marketing funnel, and as I think the reasoning behind might be of interest to the readers of my blog as well, here is a slightly extended version of my answer.

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2011 The Year of YouTube

Next Monday I will be heading to Paris to take part in a YouTube partner event with the flamboyant title “Devenez une YouTube Star”.

The event is in partnership with the EICAR, Ecole Internationale de Creation Audiovisuelle et de RĂ©alisation and aims at teaching YouTube creators and directors how to gain a bigger audience, produce better content and make more money.

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Learnable Officially Launches with 60 + Courses

Today Learnable one of the new breed of education startups from down under officially launched its platform with more than 60 courses ranging from Yoga to PHP.

In fact, the platform gave visitors access for one or two weeks already but as the team writes on the official Learnable blog, today is the day the doors are bolted in and the sign “open for business” hangs in the window.

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You can now add Downloads to your Sparkeo Video Course

Sparkeo, the video platform that enables educators to monetize their video courses added some new features to the platform.

Besides a new check out page and some bug fixes Sparkeo introduced a feature that enables educators to add downloadable attachments to their video courses.

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