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KWestions Ep. 24 with Christian Arno of Lingo24

For this part of KWestions I had the pleasure to interview Christian Arno, the managing director of Lingo24 and his take on the future of translation online.

Compared with many other start-ups I have had the opportunity to do an interview with, Lingo24 is an old stager or maybe better a nethead as the company was founded in 2001.

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KWestions Ep. 22 with Jani Penttinen of PremiumFanPage

As part two of my series portraying translation businesses on the Internet I did a KWestions with Jani Penttinen of Xiha. You might remember this name from an EDUKWEST we did several months ago but this time it was all about his latest venture PremiumFanpage where he is also CEO.

The original idea of PremiumFanpage is to give businesses the opportunity to connect with their fans or also users in general in any language.

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KWestions Ep. 21 with Paul Sulzberger – 30 Years of Translation

Yesterday, I nosed into the translator business a little deeper. In my teaching career this has never been an interesting field to me as I basically thought being a native German speaker was simply not sufficient to be a good translator.

My few experiences with translating documents from French or English into German seemed to prove me right as I had the impression that this was a pretty lengthy and tedious process. On the other hand, it made me increasingly curious what translators like about their work and business and why translating or interpreting is not a boring job for them at all.

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Kirstradamus: Babelverse brings Personal Interpreters

I know, I predicted that kind of business model somewhere before, either in one of my posts or in a comment. It was definitely in the discussion string about “Google Translate: The End of the Road for Interpreters?” which then left this blog to Skype, email, Twitter and also got a spin off in my post about the “24/7 Teacher Cloud or the Learning Help Desk“.

Anyway, somewhere along the line I predicted that someone will sooner or later offer a cloud based service with personal interpreters I could simply call via my mobile phone instead of using the Google Translate Conversation Mode. Something similar to the Premium Fan Page model which lets me choose whether I want to have a machine translated version of my website or prefer a translation done by a professional interpreter.

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