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TeachStreet now has an API

TeachStreet soft-launched an API for the Classes which enables web developers to get access to the class listing data and metadata.

Hence the API is purely one way at the moment as far as I understand it. You can pull data about listed classes but you cannot enter classes from outside of the platform.

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TeachStreet launches powerful new Search Features

As you know TeachStreet recently opened its platform to teachers from around the globe which means to online teachers. As a result TeachStreet launched a new version of its search.

The changes consist of an in-depth filtering system and a roll up of different classes by the same teacher.

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TeachStreet launches Decision Engine for GMAT and GRE Test Takers

Although I have not written about TeachStreet on this blog yet,  it is one of my favourite services since I have first heard of them in early 2009. The reason why I did not mention TeachStreet up to now was that they were only available in the US.

But that might change soon and hence you will read more about this company from Seattle from now on over here.

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