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eduFire suspends the SuperPass from January 1st 2010

Just received an email from eduFire as all teachers on the platform, I guess.

As of January 1st, 2010, we are suspending the eduFire SuperPass program. Although we have received good feedback about SuperPass and are excited about its possibilities, we have a need to spend some time working on the SuperPass model as the results were not quite what we had hoped for. […]

That’s quite big news, I’d say.

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Come and join me on the EDUKWEST

I was a bit quiet the last days and as some of you might know by now, this is the sign I am working on something new ;).

Today I finally launched a project that has been in the back of my head for quite a while: EDUKWEST on the search for better education.

It is a series of interviews with people involved in the education revolution. Founders, CEOs, teachers, content writers and all the other great people involved.

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All You Can Eat at eduFire

Today I got an email from the “Colonel” introducing the new eduFire “All You Can Eat Learn Menu” at the amazing price of $29!

Jon told me already quite a while ago about it and now I am really interested to see the effects the SuperPass will have on paid lessons.

So let me give you a brief overview and my thoughts about this offer.

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