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Is Twitter becoming the Exhaust Pipe of Social Media?

Over the past couple of weeks I have become increasingly frustrated with Twitter. I have the feeling that I get less value out of it than maybe 6 months ago. Clearly Twitter lost some of its appeal when Google+ launched.

Now, before I get deeper into that, let me explain the three main (and up to now only) ways I used Twitter for.

Number one has been to get first hand information, insights and personal tidbits from interesting people I followed. It rounded the profile of blogger, podcaster and CEOs I was reading / watching / interviewing. Number two was to get breaking news of the industry. And number three was to share my posts or interesting links.

Two of those reasons are completely broken, only one still works rather well.
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Introducing the Strategy Cube

Preface: This is to be seen as a preparatory post for next week’s webinar with fellow enthusiast of online education Michael Butler. Michael is in education for more than 25 years and brings not only knowledge of the educational sector itself but also profound insight about marketing and execution to the table.

For more than two years now Michael and I are constantly exchanging ideas provoking one another with questions about online education hence we have a rich and I think fruitful communication with people in that space. Therefore, I can honestly say that I felt happy and proud when he came to me with his newest project just a little moment ago as one of the first persons to know about the Strategic Cube. As Michael points out below, the Strategic Cube will help companies as well as individual educators with their product / service at different moments in their business. So everybody who is interested in participating in our webinar in which we will bring the Strategy Cube from theory to life by discussing it upon different existing business models in online education, please make yourselves familiar with both, Michael’s post as well as the slides at the end of this blog post to get the maximum for yourself out of our webinar discussion.

– Kirsten Winkler

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