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Monday Roundup: Delicious, Tungle.me and Square

In this week’s MRU we take a look at three of my favorite services, two of them got acquired and one got some serious traction.

Hence we will take a look at Delicious which was sold from Yahoo to the YouTube founders, Tungle.me got acquired by RIM and Square that got some love from Apple and Visa.

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R:ED April 17th to April 23rd 2011

Square’s Disruptive Payment Service About To Get A Huge Retail Boost From Apple – “Mobile payments company Square has landed a big coup—sales placement on Apple’s online store. […] Apple will start selling Square devices in all of its U.S. retail stores starting this week.” TechCrunch

Touchscreens For All? – “New technology could make smartphones the norm in the developing world, and might have a host of other applications yet to be imagined.” Fast Company

Babel or babble? – “Languages all have their roots in the same part of the world. But they are not as similar to each other as was once thought.” The Economist

What The Telephone’s Unbeatable Functionality Teaches Us About Innovation – “Single-mindedness is a virtue, both in products and in people.” Fast Co Design

MIT Creates The One Video Game You’ll Be Thrilled To See Your Kid Get Hooked On – “Over many years, after conducting many surveys, the NSF made an intriguing conclusion: A good deal of the public’s understanding of science derives from outside of the classroom.” Fast Company

Social Media Abstinence Education Is Not Working For Pre-Teens – “Banning kids from Facebook isn’t realistic. Is education the answer?” Fast Company

Page Sharing Service Bo.lt Lets You Copy, Edit And Share Almost Any Webpage – “Like a “Bit.ly on steroids,” the service lets you paste any URL into its copy engine or bookmarklet, creating a duplicate of the page on its servers.” TechCrunch

Weebly Launches Support For Multiple Editor Accounts – “[…] you’ll now be able to let other users edit your website (or portions of it), without handing over your main Weebly account credentials.” TechCrunch

Amazon Partnering With OverDrive To Bring Kindle Library Lending To 11,000 Libraries Across The US – “The company’s latest venture brings the power of the Kindle to public and educational libraries through a partnership with OverDrive.” CrunchGear

Google To Offer Chrome Notebook Subscriptions [REPORT] – “Google will be offering Chrome OS-based notebooks this summer on a subscription basis, charging between $10 and $20 per month per user.” Mashable

R:ED November 28th to December 4th

  1. Skype Video Chat Coming to Facebook?
  2. MyYearbook Introduces Realtime Social Gaming With Video Chat
  3. If Causes Had Its Own Social Network It Would Be Jumo
  4. BarMax’s Efficient Path To $200K In Sales: A $999.99 iPhone App; iPad Version Coming
  5. LinkedIn Thinks Publishers Need Yet Another “Share This” Button
  6. Facebook E-Commerce Platform Payvment Raises $6 Million
  7. ProFounder Launches To Help Small Businesses Crowdsource Fundraising
  8. Inside Qwiki’s Plan to Revolutionize Search [VIDEO]
  9. Sign of the Times: Toy Blocks That Teach Toddlers Social Networking
  10. 5 Innovative Classroom Management Tools for Teachers
  11. Record and Upload Music and Musings Instantly With SoundCloud Update
  12. Inside Kevin Smith’s Booming Podcast Business
  13. ROAM Brings Credit Card Reading to BlackBerrys, Outclasses Square Instantly
  14. Mingleverse Raises $1.4 Million For Online Voice And Video Chat Platform
  15. Fuze Meeting Debuts Multi-Party Video Conferencing Technology With Presence
  16. Viber For iPhone Aims To Rival Skype’s App, Is Amazingly Amazing
  17. Social Networking: The Past
  18. Tinychat’s Video Chat App Is Blowing Up On Facebook
  19. A social network built for schools
  20. YouTube’s Community Police Blow Up Another Innocent Victim
  21. Skype Staffing Up For A Big Push To The Cloud

R:ED October 17th to October 23rd

  1. Why We Need TechCrunch in the Classroom
  2. Blackboard to Sell Online Courses Through New Partnership
  3. Video Calling Startup Wham! Nails $3 Million In Series A
  4. Collaborative Diagramming Tool Cacoo Goes Freemium, Adds New Features
  5. Unsocial: Foursquare Plus LinkedIn Minus All Your Friends
  6. How Social Search Will Transform the SEO Industry
  7. Ooyala Launches Video Paywall Powered By PayPal
  8. Evernote Raises $20M In Bid To Become A “Global Platform For Human Memory”
  9. Internet to Surpass 2 Billion Users This Year
  10. Download The OS X Facetime Beta Right Now
  11. An Art Class in a Video Game?
  12. Ning Gets Its Groupon On
  13. 49% of Small Business Owners Use Smartphones [STATS]
  14. Ustream Lets Users Set Up Their Own Pay Per View And Ad Free Broadcasting
  15. Disrupt Winner Qwiki Arrives In Private Alpha (1,000 Invites)
  16. Mobile Credit Card Reader Square Now Open for Business
  17. Robots Are Changing the Future of Telecommuting

Why it will be Hip to be Square

As you probably all know by now, I am not a tech or gadget maniac. I bought my first iPod Touch just a couple of months ago, I won’t buy an iPhone 4 and I use my mobile phone for about four years now.

But from time to time there are innovations that I can’t wait to get my hands on. Right now, it is a little square box, not bigger than a thumbnail and I think it will disrupt the small business sector.

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