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Number of the Week

Number of the Week: 3952

Number of the WeekIt’s the last week of 2011 and therefore the last number of the week for this year as well! Although my new series is still at an early stage., I hope you’re enjoying the number I pick every week to write a short article around and thus to put it into perspective.

My number this week is 3952 which is the average number of text messages, SMS and MMS, the typical 13 to 17 year old teenage girl writes every month! In other words that sums up to 7 messages per waking our, making it the centerpiece of teenage mobile activity.

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What is the difference between Twitter and Emails or SMS anyway?

A new “menace” for Twitter goes around. According to the NYT, TechCrunch and WSJ Google wants to add “social features” to its email service GMail.

Will this be the “Twitter Killer”? Didn’t Facebook try the same?

But what makes Twitter so special anyway?

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