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Teaching Business is Personal

In Teaching Business is Personal

On Buzzfeed or Business Insider this post would be titled “10 Leadership Lessons I learned from watching the Godfather”. But as it is a) almost Christmas and b) I am henceforth a bit lazy I’ll give you just one lesson today. And it’s exactly the opposite of what the Godfather would tell you.

In teaching your business is personal. Never ever forget that. People will hire you and stick with you because of who you are as all the rest, the material and content is replaceable. Teaching is very personal which includes the following aspects.

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Ant and the Grasshopper

The Ant and the Grasshopper – Why (most) Teaching Platforms fail

Ant and the GrasshopperA good friend asked for some advice where to find teaching platforms or portals in the ESL space that actually attract paying students. The problem is that he is not asking the right question.

The question has to be “How can I attract more students.” – The platform you deliver the actual lesson on does not matter at all if you are not able to get students on your own. Guess what: platforms don’t care about that part of the deal.

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Free Ads

5 More Reasons Why to Give Away Books For Free

Free AdsFellow edupreneur André Klein of LearnOutLive wrote another interesting post on his blog with the title “5 Reasons Why I Give Away Books For Free” in which he explains his reasoning why he is giving some of his ebooks away for free.

As he states at the beginning of his post, André is arguing from a more philanthropic and altruistic angle and not so much from a business point of view. So to complete this argumentation, I thought I should share my take on the idea of giving stuff away for free, may it be ebooks or other content or written or video, from a more economic point of view.

So here are five more reasons for edupreneurs why to give away books for free.

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Muhammad Ali taunting  Sonny Liston 1965

It’s on! How I am going to compete with Livemocha, busuu and Babbel

No, I haven’t lost my marbles! But at least now I got your attention, I think.

As you know, I have pursued a side project in German language learning since April 2008 called Deutsch Happen. On the basis of a more or less regular schedule I have produced different kinds of video lessons to test out teaching ideas and to support learners of German as a foreign language who might have no access to paid solutions.

For the past couple of months I have been experimenting with some strategies on how to grow my audience on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and the results are good enough to take this to the next step: I am building a MVP.

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