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French Maid

Fall Cleaning and New Agenda

French MaidOne of the upsides of having a blog that goes back nearly four years now is that I have a lot of material I can use to write posts with titles like “Told you so”, at least when I can remember what I wrote when and where.

The downside is that when you are planning to do some clean up and trimming you look at your category structure and think “WTF have I thought?!”

In order to teach this old dog here some new tricks, I think I need to find a new structure and also some new topics as most of the education related stuff is now on Big Think, edcetera, Fractus Learning and of course EDUKWEST and Fair Languages.

So, here is the plan. I will cut down the nearly 30 categories of this blog to the following six ones

  1. Next Ed
    General and also shorter posts on education related stuff, online and offline.
  2. Edupreneurship
    Posts about freelancing and building for profit startups in education.
  3. Social Media
    Everything interesting that is going on in the social media space, education related or not.
  4. Digital Society
    Everything 1984 and Brave New World-ish. How are technology and the Internet changing the way we learn and live?
  5. Startup Meals
    That’s a new (old) one. I believe healthy living and good living is part of your personal success as well as of the success of a startup. I will start sharing simple and healthy recipes that even the busiest entrepreneur can realize at home or at work.
  6. Personal
    Everything personal, like this post.

Sounds like a plan? I think so, too. By the time you read this post I should have finished to sort the entire archive into the new structure.

Picture: Constant Puyo, via Wikimedia Commons