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Partnerships – a new Trend in Education 2.0

In one of my last blog posts I wrote about the partnership announcement of Livemocha.com and Pearson.com.

One day later I came across the announcement of FriendsAbroad.com that they are now a part of the language learning platform Babbel.com.

Then LanguagesOutThere.com, a content provider for ESL material, announced a partnership with italki.com.

And finally this morning I saw the following tweet of Jon Bischke, CEO of eduFire.com:

Ok, this tweet might just be a joke, it probably is but still I think there is some kind of a trend towards teaming up between different companies in the education sector which can complement each other. Or is it to beef up for a weak economy in 2009 and to show some muscles to the competitors?

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Livemocha and Pearson Announce Partnership for Online Language Learning

Livemocha.com and Pearson.com join forces to co-develop a number of conversational English language courses which will be accessible on Livemocha’s online platform in August 2009.

This partnership will further transform the language learning marketplace, empowering and engaging anyone across the globe who wants to learn English.

Shirish Nadkarni, CEO of Livemocha

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