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Education Week Paywall

Education Week Paywall: 10 Free Articles for your Data – No Thank You

Education Week, one of the leading publications in the education space, announced that it will implement a so called metered paywall to its website. A metered paywall is currently the most widely used model as it still leaves the possibility for parts of the content to be open and accessible to the general public and therefore does not interfere with the concept of social sharing.

The potential flaw with Education Week’s model is that you will need to create a user account to get access to your 10 free articles per month as Frank Catalano points out in the comments.

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Turn back The Times (of London)

Let’s start with a KRON report from 1981.

They are programming today’s paper, love it.

Quoting the guy from the SF Examiner: “This is an experiment, we are not in it to make money, we are probably not going to lose a lot but we ain’t gonna make much either.” Wise words from the past.

Don’t you love this young cyberkid, or Home Computer Owner as KRON refers to him. He is already planing to copy the newspaper. I think he wants to sell it to his neighbors. The first ever cyber pirate caught on tape!

And 28 years later “the fellow” IS worried to be out of his job, well not him probably but his successor.

But one man came to proove the SF Examiner guy wrong and to save the fellow’s job. A couple of days ago Rupert Murdoch Media Mogul and friend of all mankind announced that he plans to charge for all online versions of the newspapers in his portfolio including The Times of London, The Sun (well, who reads the Sun anyway) and the New York Post.

As you can imagine this brought up some mixed reactions which Eric Etheridge of the NY Times posted in his “The Opinionator” blog.

On the one hand I can understand that newspapers have to make money but I agree with Jeff Jarvis that they had more than enough time to adapt to the internet. When it’s too late, it’s too late. C’est la vie.

If I had to choose between a paid online and a paid printed version, I’d choose the printed newspaper. If I am looking on the internet for information I expect it to be free of charge.

What’s your opinion?

Have a nice day!

Kirsten Winkler
Owns Home Computer