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Teaching Business is Personal

In Teaching Business is Personal

On Buzzfeed or Business Insider this post would be titled “10 Leadership Lessons I learned from watching the Godfather”. But as it is a) almost Christmas and b) I am henceforth a bit lazy I’ll give you just one lesson today. And it’s exactly the opposite of what the Godfather would tell you.

In teaching your business is personal. Never ever forget that. People will hire you and stick with you because of who you are as all the rest, the material and content is replaceable. Teaching is very personal which includes the following aspects.

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becoming a YouTube Partner

Is a YouTube Channel a Key Success Factor for Edupreneurs?

YouTube PartnerMy old friend George has just rebooted his Edupunk / My ESL Friends venture with the premise to finally earn a living from teaching English on the Internet. Hurray to that!

Of course, offering live classes on the web that have a price tag attached to them is a magnitude more difficult than offering them for free and even free classes are often not overbooked if we take a look around the various platforms that still exist.

So he asked for some ideas to market the classes in our Edupreneurs Club on Facebook (if you are interested to talk about making money teaching online and professional exchange in general, that’s the place to go and we are always happy about new members and their input).

My advice was to use YouTube as a marketing funnel, and as I think the reasoning behind might be of interest to the readers of my blog as well, here is a slightly extended version of my answer.

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EDUKWEST Ep. 60 with Koichi Ko of TextFugu

There is always a multitude of reasons why I enjoy talking with him [Koichi], not only that he appeared in one of the very first episodes (EDUKWEST #4) and gave me some credit sort of ex ante the interview concept had proven itself to be more than just a flash in the pan but also as our online careers (if you want to call it like that) began approximately the same time and if you have a closer look and compare you’ll find quite some parallels.


Besides knowing that he wants to disrupt (no, I don’t think that the term is overused when talking about some people at least) the Japanese textbook industry, I was also keen on hearing his reasons to quit live teaching. I’ve my own reasons for that but seeing him doing the same at again almost the same point was quite interesting.

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I am Mobile : Where is m-Learning?

Youtube owes its success to increased bandwidths across the world as well as two key features -> streaming videos as Flash [well they have graduated to HTML 5 streaming] as well as embedding functionality. The latter, allowed YouTube to penetrate websites, blogs and forums. The key, YouTube made itself [and the videos] available to where the people already were. Eventually, YouTube itself became a place that people started visiting.

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