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imtchr.com – Helping the Teachers / Tutors

In this post about the imtchr.com / mytchr.com project I am going to focus on the second group on the online education market, the teachers, what specific problems they face today and how imtchr.com is going to solve those.

This is equally true for teachers / tutors who choose to work on a marketplace or platform as well as for edupreneurs.

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imtchr.com – Helping the Students

Today I would like to share with you how imtchr.com will solve the problems students have when looking for a teacher online these days.

I will focus on language learning in this piece as it is still the biggest part of the online learning market and also the most complicated but the general process is the same for any kind of subject matter.

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imtchr.com – It’s Time to Jump in the Cold Water

Can you believe that this blog exists for 21 months already? Feels like yesterday to me. And although I really love to put down my thoughts on online education, I feel that it is time for me to go a step further.

Many of you asked me early on when I will start my own platform, service, product etc as I seem to be not always happy with the ones that are on the market. Well, quoting Bill Gates in his recent interview

Now is the time.

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