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Flashcards – Product or Feature? Part 2 with Greg Detre of Memrise

In part 2 of my KWestions series with startups in the flashcard learning space I covered a service called Memrise.

Memrise is a UK-based startup which has a clear focus on a more scientific approach of helping people to learn, or as they say on their website

At Memrise, we’re integrating everything we know about the art and science of memory to help you learn faster.

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What happens in your Brain when learning with Flashcards

I am currently collecting a couple of interviews with startups in the flashcard learning sector to answer the question, or at least trying to answer, if flashcards are just a feature or if you can actually build an entire company around it.

This is an excerpt of my KWestions interview with Greg Detre, co-founder and CEO of Memrise which are taking scientific approach to the subject.

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The Europas – Edu Finalists are out

Mike Butcher just published the list of finalists for the Europas on November 19th in swinging London. As you know, education has its own category but there are also placements in other categories.

So here is the list of edu startups for this year’s Europas.

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