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Tutors should not blog

Why Tutors should not Blog

I know, that from me, a blogger who started as a language coach back in the days. But that’s the point: been there, done that. If you ask me today as a tutor whether you should start a blog I’d say no. No because I know that you don’t want to blog because you want to keep an open diary of your ideas and experiences but because you want to market yourself and your classes.

If the latter is the case do yourself a favor and focus on strategies that will get you to your actual goal of selling lessons more quickly.

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edupreneurs should not give a damn about facebook

Why Tutors should not give a damn about Facebook

There are currently some interesting discussions going on in the Edupreneurs Club, I herewith put away my chef’s hat to share some of my thoughts.

One main topic is Facebook. Like Google, Facebook constantly changes the algorithm that decides which content will be surfaced in your news stream. In case you did not know, just because you like a certain page or are friends with someone does not mean that you will see all of their content shared or posted.

This often leads to a huge gap between the number of fans total and the number of people who actually see a post. Right now this gap seems to have become wider than ever which made some edupreneurs think whether it was at all worthwhile to invest their time and put the effort in updating their page and trying to grow their fans.

My short answer is no, it isn’t. Here is why.

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becoming a YouTube Partner

Is a YouTube Channel a Key Success Factor for Edupreneurs?

YouTube PartnerMy old friend George has just rebooted his Edupunk / My ESL Friends venture with the premise to finally earn a living from teaching English on the Internet. Hurray to that!

Of course, offering live classes on the web that have a price tag attached to them is a magnitude more difficult than offering them for free and even free classes are often not overbooked if we take a look around the various platforms that still exist.

So he asked for some ideas to market the classes in our Edupreneurs Club on Facebook (if you are interested to talk about making money teaching online and professional exchange in general, that’s the place to go and we are always happy about new members and their input).

My advice was to use YouTube as a marketing funnel, and as I think the reasoning behind might be of interest to the readers of my blog as well, here is a slightly extended version of my answer.

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Get some Free Marketing Juice from TeachStreet

If you are a regular offline teacher/tutor/trainer or teaching online, this is an offer you should not miss: TeachStreet is featuring you on its network for the next two weeks if you advertise your lessons on Craiglist or add a TeachStreet widget to your blog or website.

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eduFire Videos

I think this is going to be another great resource for edupreneurs to add to their list. eduFire launched a new subdomain blog http://videos.edufire.com where you can find a selection of recording from eduFire classes.

eduFire Videos

eduFire Videos

What makes this so interesting that I write a blog post about it? Easy: the new eduFire business channel. You find recordings of classes from top entrepreneurs on this blog. And as most of those classes are scheduled to US times this is a great way to view those classes later on.

There are classes about Business, Entrepreneurship, Marketing and so on.

Hence, subscribe to the post feed to keep you updated on great eduFire class videos.

How to not use Twitter

Sometimes I get suprised by somebody I thought he could not suprise me anymore. After the “Hot Teacher” Affaire followed by the “Toilet Man” Fiasco I thought Myngle would have learned how not to do marketing.

Today I received the following tweet:

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