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Easy Button

Sorry, but No, You CAN’T Make Money Online NOW

Easy ButtonSomehow I ended up where it had all begun, life goes in circles, I guess. The post featuring the ant and the grasshopper seems to have struck the nerve of the edupreneurs out there, it even landed on the agenda of tomorrow’s review:ed with Christopher Dawson.

What caught my attention and what serves as a basis for this post is a blog post by Dr. Nellie Deutsch over at the WizIQ blog titled “Make Money Teaching Online Now!”. Though probably great for search engine ranking, I have to say that the title and blog post are somewhat misleading. I am also not sure which kind of online educator it tries to target.

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WiZiQ’s New Learning Request System

Yesterday I attended a class of Vikrama Dhiman about the new Learning Request System from WiZiQ, so basically about how to find students on this platform.

Although the audio was not very good I think I understood the idea ;).

And did you notice: they changed the new logo back to the old color scheme. Well done!

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Converting Offline Students to Online Students

Shall you convert your offline students to online students? What are the advantages? What are the disadvantages?

I came across this question in a community forum of an online teaching platform. The biggest problem of those platforms seems to be: How to get paying students. Interesting enough most of these platforms have no solution to this problem when asked by their teachers. Au contraire, they ask their teachers how they think to get students on the platform.

And the most discussed issue is: why don’t you simply convert your offline students into online students by bringing them to our platform?

So, here are my thoughts on this.

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Make Money Teaching Online

aboutpixel.de / © petra engeljehringer

aboutpixel.de / © petra engeljehringer

You have a student who wants to learn English with you. Normally, you would go to your car, drive through the town, get into traffic jams, arrive too late, spent money on fuel, loose time on the way…

Now imagine this. You have a student who wants to learn English with you. You get yourself a fresh coffee, go to your PC, login to the virtual classroom, call your student via Skype and you start your lesson.

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