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Muhammad Ali taunting  Sonny Liston 1965

It’s on! How I am going to compete with Livemocha, busuu and Babbel

No, I haven’t lost my marbles! But at least now I got your attention, I think.

As you know, I have pursued a side project in German language learning since April 2008 called Deutsch Happen. On the basis of a more or less regular schedule I have produced different kinds of video lessons to test out teaching ideas and to support learners of German as a foreign language who might have no access to paid solutions.

For the past couple of months I have been experimenting with some strategies on how to grow my audience on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and the results are good enough to take this to the next step: I am building a MVP.

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You can now charge for Courses on Udemy and more

Gagan Biyani, Co-Founder of Udemy sent out a message to all instructors on the platform to announce some news a lot have probably waited for. From now on instructors can charge for their courses on Udemy.

Other new features include setting up invite only / private courses and promotion tools. As an interesting side note: Udemy now has nearly 15.000 members and quadrupled its traffic in the past four months.

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#followfriday 09-03-2010 @hnshah

This week’s #followfriday recommendation goes to Hiten Shah, CEO and Co-Founder of KissMetrics and CrazyEgg.

I am not really sure for long I am following Hiten but he must be amongst the first dozen of people I followed on Twitter.

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