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The Magic Whiteboard

No, this is not another virtual classroom software. So it  is not education 2.0, you might say. Well, not on the first look but I found this product on an education 2.0 website I am currently reviewing for this blog, languagesoutthere.com. It immediately got my attention and I want to share this with you because I think most of us online teachers still have offline clients and there are new and interesting synergies between on- and offline.

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Partnerships – a new Trend in Education 2.0

In one of my last blog posts I wrote about the partnership announcement of Livemocha.com and Pearson.com.

One day later I came across the announcement of FriendsAbroad.com that they are now a part of the language learning platform Babbel.com.

Then LanguagesOutThere.com, a content provider for ESL material, announced a partnership with italki.com.

And finally this morning I saw the following tweet of Jon Bischke, CEO of eduFire.com:

Ok, this tweet might just be a joke, it probably is but still I think there is some kind of a trend towards teaming up between different companies in the education sector which can complement each other. Or is it to beef up for a weak economy in 2009 and to show some muscles to the competitors?

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