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KWestions Ep. 25 with William Mougayar of Eqentia – What is Curation?

As we increasingly discuss whether content itself is still what matters or if it wasn’t really context that does, I have been looking deeper into curation and its opportunities in an educational context over the past few months.

Out of that motivation I want to share this KWestions with William Mougayar today. He is the founder Eqentia, a company that built a semantic search platform for web content publishers around key features like data mining, real-time aggregation and advanced curation. As each Equentia site, public or private in the case of many companies, is being curated by one or several experts on a topic and highly customizable, the results go deeper and are in that sense more accurate or relevant if you will than the normal search results google can provide.

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The Road Ahead – A Personal Update

As it’s the beginning of June and thus half the year went by already (as always I feel that January was just a short moment ago) but there is another six months to go before we’ll wrap-up 2011, I thought that today I’d give you some updates and reflections on my work and tell you about the progress of some of the projects.

In my own perception I felt, it would be relatively easy to get an overview on what I’m doing but thanks to the constant exchange with you guys in the comments on kirstenwinkler.com via email or also Skype I learned that there has sometimes been confusion and that is my job to give this whole thing a bit more of a structure, so that you’ll be able to follow the parts of my work you’re particularly interested in more easily.

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Flashcards – Product or Feature? Part 2 with Greg Detre of Memrise

In part 2 of my KWestions series with startups in the flashcard learning space I covered a service called Memrise.

Memrise is a UK-based startup which has a clear focus on a more scientific approach of helping people to learn, or as they say on their website

At Memrise, we’re integrating everything we know about the art and science of memory to help you learn faster.

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Flashcards – Product or Feature? Part 1 with Matt Messinger of StudyBlue

Over the past months I got in contact with more and more startups in the flashcard learning and spaced repetition vertical.

As I don’t believe this to be a mere coincidence, I thought it would be interesting to do a little series of interviews with some of those companies giving their opinion on a the space in general and why it is such an interesting one to many companies.

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KWestions for Jon Bischke – Future of Education & the Reputation Graph

Jon Bischke, serial founder of startups in the education space and currently entrepreneur in residence at Battery Ventures gave me the opportunity to interview him via email.

As he is one of the thought leaders in the hackedu space, you should follow Jon Bischke on Twitter and learn about his thoughts on the future of higher education, the Reputation Graph and more at JonBischke.com.

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KWestions for Jason Calacanis – What to do if your Business Model does not work?

Today I had the pleasure of being amongst the first getting an interview with Jason Calacanis, founder and CEO of Mahalo.com on the launch of Mahalo 4.0.

Without doubt, pivot turned out to be one of the most used words in business when thinking of 2010. So, like it or not, thinks it’s overly used but pivot is the right way to describe the new Mahalo. From user generated content it has evolved into portal where you can learn anything you want. It consists of three main components that Jason and the team identified as the most effective ones when learning on the Internet: articles, videos, Q&A.

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KWestions for Olivia Khalili of Cause Capitalism – Social Good, Hype or Mission?

This time I had questions for Olivia Khalili, Founder of CauseCapitalism.com. Cause Capitalism or more widely known as Social Good became more and more popular in the past years and today it seems like every second company I come across has a social mission embedded in its strategy.

As Olivia is one of the thought leaders in the social good space and as she is consulting companies on social good I asked her some KWestions.

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KWestions for Andrew Warner of Mixergy – Does Funding kill Innovation?

The good old KWestions format is back with a reboot. I have been thinking for a while what would be the difference between my EDUKWEST interviews and KWestions. I finally decided to do exactly what the name of the show says and ask my questions.

This will result in a more open format where I’m going to ask KWestions to people of various backgrounds about things that simply interest me and I would like to learn more about. I hope you will enjoy this relaunch.

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KWestions for Michael Schutzler, CEO Livemocha

Today, I took the chance for a quick but very insightful interview with Michael Schutzler, CEO of Livemocha on the launch of the new Active Course line and his experiences being the CEO of the world’s largest language learning community.

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KWestions for Björn Lasse Herrmann of StartUpSchool

You might know Björn Lasse from my EDUKWEST interview with him and Steli Efti of SuperCool School already. But Björn Lasse is also the Principal of his own online school called StartUpSchool.

It’s an online community hosted on the SuperCool School platform that is about 1150 people strong. Amongst those start up founders, entrepreneurs and investors.

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