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R:ED August 1st to August 7th 2010

  1. Knewton Brings On Ex-AOLer David Liu As COO
  2. It’s A WinWin, Grou.ps Launches Referral Program For Ning Exiles
  3. Echo Brings Comments To Your Homepage With Real-Time River
  4. Want A Retweet? Be Insightful, Or At Least Link To Someone Who Is
  5. Recurly Raises $1.6 Million To Help Companies Manage Subscription Billing
  6. Apple Is About to Own Your Face
  7. 11 Free Services for Scheduling Social Media Updates
  8. Pulse + Posterous = News Sharing Bliss
  9. How 12 CEOs & Founders are Leveraging Web Video
  10. Social IM Client Digsby Finally Gets Group Chat Support

review:ed Episode #2 with Shiv Rajendran

Plans have changed a bit, as you might have noticed. review:ed will be a bi-monthly show. One reason is my overflooding schedule of things I need to get done in 2010, the other reason is that this way we really have the chance of getting some really interesting topics to talk about, even if there might be two weaker weeks in education related news.

My guest on the second show was Shiv Rajendran, Director of LanguageLab.com.

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