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KWestions for Jon Bischke – Future of Education & the Reputation Graph

Jon Bischke, serial founder of startups in the education space and currently entrepreneur in residence at Battery Ventures gave me the opportunity to interview him via email.

As he is one of the thought leaders in the hackedu space, you should follow Jon Bischke on Twitter and learn about his thoughts on the future of higher education, the Reputation Graph and more at JonBischke.com.

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edufire chandler feature

eduFire is now part of Camelback Education

There’s life in the old dog yet! After over seven months of silence on the eduFire blog Jon Bischke gave a short statement today saying that he is

[…] excited to announce that eduFire is now a part of Camelback Education Group, a higher education holding company based in Phoenix, Arizona.

What does this mean? We don’t know yet.

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The Edublog Awards 2009 – My Nominees

The Edublog Awards are in their sixth year already. And 2009 is my first time to set up a nomination list. Exciting!

And my nominees for the 2009 Edublog Awards are:

Best individual blog: Mixergy.com
Best individual tweeter: Seth Godin
Best new blog: JonBischke.com
Best resource sharing blog: Jane’s E-Learning Pick of the Day
Most influential blog post: A Manifesto for EduChange
Most influential tweet / series of tweets / tweet based discussion: #Edchat
Best teacher blog: LearnOverIP.com
Best educational use of video / visual: eduFire Videos
Best educational use of a social networking service: Classroom 2.0
Best educational use of a virtual world: LanguageLab.com

I would like to thank everyone on my nominee’s list for inspiring me through the year.

Rent a Textbook

Yesterday Jon Bischke offered a new business model for content publishers on his personal blog. It’s about creating new services like better filtering, personalisation etc. The last sentences were:

Humor us content producers. Start the revolution this time rather than being a victim of it.

This is a good read, as always so you should check it out.

Today the NYT published and article about Cengage Learning, one of the America’s largest textbook publishers. They came up with a quite revolutionary idea.

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Come and join me on the EDUKWEST

I was a bit quiet the last days and as some of you might know by now, this is the sign I am working on something new ;).

Today I finally launched a project that has been in the back of my head for quite a while: EDUKWEST on the search for better education.

It is a series of interviews with people involved in the education revolution. Founders, CEOs, teachers, content writers and all the other great people involved.

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Review: an Inspirational Evening on eduFire

logo-edufire1Last sunday eduFire.com was hosting the second eduConference under the headline “Turning Teachers into Rockstars”. This great and inspirational meeting was followed up by a very interesting and even a bit frightening presentation of Jon Bischke, CEO of eduFire.com who talked about “Connected Consumership“.

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