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TelCos teaming up with Education Startups in Asia. Model for the Rest of the World?

A couple days ago I read on TechCrunch that the Japanese NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation) invested $1 million in the ESL startup EnglishCentral.

Back in February Nokia (not really a TelCo, I know) and Pearson signed a partnership that would preload ESL learning content from Mobiledu on all new Nokia mobile phones on the Chinese market turning each phone into a mobile learning device.

And last but not least NTT also acquired a 29.7% stake in goFluent back in January. I will interview Christophe Ferrandou, Founder and CEO of goFluent, on EDUKWEST tomorrow. The company offers business English courses via telephone and internet to customers worldwide and is the European leader in this sector.

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Staying Zen in Twenty Ten :)

Today a new member joined the team for 2010. This little guy will help me to stay Zen in 2010 :).

I just love Japanese gadgets and this little guy even works on solar power. Bought him in a little shop in Saint Malo today. The best for long and dark breton evenings ;).

For more cool gadget ideas and videos about Japanese culture visit my friend Koichi at Tofugu.com. Besides being a really nice guy and awesome storyteller he is also a Japanese Teacher Rockstar and Social Media Manager at eduFire.

And of course YOU can help me to stay Zen, too. Simply vote for my blog at the Edublog Awards 2009 and tell all your friends to do the same 😉 Thank you in advance (I am listed as Kristen Winkler).