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Blackberries on the iPhone – Busuu launches its Mobile Applications

Busuu is now the second language learning community to have its own iPhone applications that connect seamlessly with your online learning profile on the platform.

And if you watched my interview with Michael Schutzler of Livemocha the other day, you know that it will only take a little more time until this Seattle based community will launch their own.

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iPhone a Flop in India | Lessons for Online Education Startups

This is a guest post by Vikrama Dhiman. He is an accidental software product manager who has worked with teams across India’s IT centers – Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh as an Agile Software Development Coach and a Product Manager with Internet companies.

iPhone has been a massive failure in India. Yes, there are two hundred and seventy people [I made up that number] worrying about iPhone 4.0 not releasing in India but most just do not care. And, this in a country that is obsessed with everything fashionable in Umrika [that’s desi for America]. So, what went missing in India?

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review:ed #4.1 with Dave Schappell – iPhone 4, FaceTime and Skype

In the fourth episode of review:ed, the show where a changing guest and I talk about recent news in online education, tech and funding, Dave Schappell the Founder and CEO of TeachStreet made his second appearance.

In the first part of the show Dave and I talked about the recent launch of the iPhone 4 and of course FaceTime.

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Babbel takes a Technology Lead in the Race

Language Learning Community Babbel announced three new features today: its first mobile phone app for iPhones, iPods and iPads, a desktop client for PCs and Macs called Babbel Refresh and the possibility to adapt the learning material.

In a side note we learn that Babbel now has over 700.000 users in more than 200 countries.

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Why not Check in – for Education

As some of you might have read on Mashable this week, the fifteen year old Parker Liautaud has gone on a journey to the North Pole to unlock the “Last Degree” Foursquare Badge. He is accompanied by David Newman, an experienced Artic traveler and the whole trip is sponsored by General Electric. The main goal besides being the youngest man on the North Pole plus the first one to unlock the Last Degree Badge¬† is to raise attention on global warming.

I would not be suprised if someone else is going to try to unlock the badge before Parker. And then, who knows if the mobile phone can take the cold?

This whole thing got me thinking about people checking in everywhere and I bet there will be badges for the South Pole, the Mount Everest and the bottom of the Mariana Trench, soon. And don’t forget the first man on Mars.

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Fuze Meeting – Online Lessons on iPhone and Blackberry?

This is a guest post of my dear friend and colleague Aniya aka TheEnglishTeacher.


Fuze meeting is an online web tool that lets you host meetings (and of course lessons, need be) so what, you say, well the interesting part about it, is that you can host them via your mobile device, thus being BlackBerry or iPhone wow!!! Having said that it is early days yet (a few teething problems) but this could be a big break through for the future.

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Smartphones and E-Learning

David Waldorf for TIME

David Waldorf for TIME

Today is a historic day in many ways. There is the 65th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy, the 25th anniversary of Tetris and the launch of the Palm Pre Smartphone in the USA.

I am thinking for quite a while now about the potentials that Smartphones have for education. So in honour of the Pre (I can’t wait until they launch it in Europe) lets talk about Smartphones a bit.

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