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Being at home for the X-Files – Is Live still Relevant?

Remember Dana Scully and Fox Mulder? We did not want to miss one single episode back then so we had to rush home and sit in front of our TV.
Maybe, you even scheduled family meetings based on the fact that you wanted to be at home at the right time. Because back then if you missed it you really missed it. No second chance! OK, you might have had a video recorder but honestly, who could ever “program” a video recorder? Either the beginning or the end was missing or you recorded another channel.

Therefore, TV series like X-Files or Twin Peaks were still real blockbusters but I think we can all agree that those times are over.

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review:ed Episode #5 with Shiv Rajendran

In this episode of review:ed I had the pleasure to talk with Shiv Rajendran, Director at LanguageLab.com who is a well- known guest on my various shows. We talked about Pearson & Ning, Babbel & Livemocha, India & the $35 USD laptop, eduFire & Camelback Education and asynchronous content, live lessons and social games in education.

Thank you to our sponsor VODBURNER which provides review:ed with great Skype Video Recording & Editing.

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