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Flashcards – Product or Feature? Part 4 with Andrew Cohen of Brainscape

For this final part of KWestions around flashcard learning, feature or product I invited Andrew Cohen, the founder and CEO of Brainscape on the show.

Brainscape have a scientific approach to the usage of flashcards for learning. The company have already rolled out French and Spanish learning apps for the iPhone, iPod touch and also iPad called Vocab Genius and Vocab Junkie. Don’t miss on trying these out as they’re currently available for free!

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Flashcards – Product or Feature? Part 3 with Ali Yildirim of CoboCards

In part three of this mini series about flashcards and the question if they are an actual product or “just” a feature in the framework of a bigger picture I talked with Ali Yildirim, one of the three co-founders of CoboCards.

CoboCards is a German based startup and I already had the pleasure of interviewing Tamim Swaid, another co-founder of CoboCards for EDUKWEST.

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Flashcards – Product or Feature? Part 2 with Greg Detre of Memrise

In part 2 of my KWestions series with startups in the flashcard learning space I covered a service called Memrise.

Memrise is a UK-based startup which has a clear focus on a more scientific approach of helping people to learn, or as they say on their website

At Memrise, we’re integrating everything we know about the art and science of memory to help you learn faster.

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Flashcards – Product or Feature? Part 1 with Matt Messinger of StudyBlue

Over the past months I got in contact with more and more startups in the flashcard learning and spaced repetition vertical.

As I don’t believe this to be a mere coincidence, I thought it would be interesting to do a little series of interviews with some of those companies giving their opinion on a the space in general and why it is such an interesting one to many companies.

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nabbber – Let’s learn foreign languages together

nabbber is probably best described as

the Twitter for language learners.

Like on Twitter you follow other people you are interested in and you share short messages. Whereas on Twitter those messages can be about everything, nabbber is build for the exchange of vocabulary.

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First Look At – WordSteps

WordSteps helps you to learn 20 foreign words in 15 minutes a day. At least that’s the promise of the Russian startup.

The idea is that if you learn with WordSteps only three times a week for 15 minutes you could enlarge your vocabulary by about 240 words per month and hence about 3000 new words per year.

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First Look at – RhinoSpike

RhinoSpike – Foreign Language Audio on Demand

This new platform is targeting learners of a foreign language who would like to have customized mp3 with the content they want to listen to. From simple pronunciations for flashcards to short texts.

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VocabSushi – Bitesize Learning

I love Sushi. For me it’s one of the most perfect food creations of mankind. Pure, elegant, tasty. Everything you need.

VocabSushi transfers those features into a vocabulary learning tool. You see, I am already excited about this product and yes, I admit it impressed me right from the start. Like last year, when I discovered Mingoville (watch also the EDUKWEST interview with Stephan Stephensen). So what is VocabSushi all about?

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New Busuu Flashcard Widget

Ok, today I will try something new. During the development of the workshops and courses for the E-Teachers Academy I got into screen casts as a very nice method to show people directly on their screen what I want to teach them.

So this is the first screencast for my blog. It’s about the new widget from busuu.com that will deliver a set of flashcards every day to your blog.

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