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Personal Health Education and the Death of the Tech Guy Stereotype

Below you find a post that I originally wrote for edcetera, but itt did not make it on the blog. It was intended to be part of my 2013 prediction series and the recent news and events around fitness and health startups reminded me of this draft.

Hence, I thought why not publish it here as I just wrote about the topic the other day. I think it’s still as relevant and should give you some ideas on what personal health education and tracking might impact down the road.

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Fitness and Health Tracking

Personal Health Education through Fitness and Health Tracking

The Verge did a nice episode on fitness and health tracking devices in their Top Shelf series last week. I think it gives you a pretty good overview about what is already possible today in this area of technology.

I am personally pretty fascinated by this stuff as it will eventually help us to make better decisions about our health, eating habits and general fitness. The collected data also will help doctors with their diagnosis as you can basically track your whole day with using the different devices.

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