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Economics of Online Tutoring

The Broken Economics of Online Tutoring

Recently, there have been lots of discussions going on around the monetary part of teaching on the Internet or being an independent tutor in general in the Edupreneurs Club. Being a recovering online coach myself I can absolutely relate to the problem of making a living as an independent educator. Yes, the economics of online tutoring are friggin’ hard.

The thing is this: I think many online tutors do not evaluate their underlying business model or, as one of the Club member put it, wonder if you are carrying buckets or building pipelines. My guess is that many tutors are carrying buckets with no bottom.

The following back of the envelope business plan is of course just one of many scenarios and you should run through this on your own based on what you would like to achieve with your independent tutoring service.

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Ant and the Grasshopper

The Ant and the Grasshopper – Why (most) Teaching Platforms fail

Ant and the GrasshopperA good friend asked for some advice where to find teaching platforms or portals in the ESL space that actually attract paying students. The problem is that he is not asking the right question.

The question has to be “How can I attract more students.” – The platform you deliver the actual lesson on does not matter at all if you are not able to get students on your own. Guess what: platforms don’t care about that part of the deal.

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