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New YouTube Algorithm may help Educational Content

searchYouTube played around with its algorithm, again. Being an educational YouTuber myself since May 2008 I have seen a lot (of changes) over the years. Some were good and helped me to get more exposure and subscribers, others were bad for my channel especially the last change that affected content discovery.

Whereas a video I uploaded a year ago easily surpassed 1000 views in the first two weeks I now get around 500 which is kind of weird as my subscriber base has constantly grown in the meanwhile. Hence something is seriously broken in terms how people find the videos even when they are subscribed to my channel. It feels a bit like Twitter or Facebook where only a fraction of the followers or fans see your content as it will simply drown in the stream of updates (and supposedly, this won’t change as long as I don’t pay to promote my updates or tweets).

But on the upside, I still have good engagement and views on the video lessons which could help them to rise in the search results according to the announcement of the latest changes in the algorithm.

YouTube wants to focus on viewing time instead of clicks which is especially interesting for video lessons. When they are good or cover a topic people are interested in, they will of course watch the entire video and not click away to the next one.

Another part of this algorithm change is that YouTube will also take into consideration how much viewing time your videos drive across the platform. Hence, if you interlink your video lessons and people consume more of your videos it will help your lessons to come out on top.

In order to help you keep track of how your videos are performing, YouTube added a new tab to the analytics desk that shows you how long your viewers spent watching your lessons.

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Scribblar integrates Wolfram Alpha to Virtual Classroom

Scribblar added a very powerful feature to its virtual classroom today. With the click of a button in the menu bar teachers can now add educational content from Wolfram Alpha directly on the interactive whiteboard.

Stefan Richter, Founder and CEO of MuchosMedia, the company behind Scribblar, recorded a short video demo in which he shows various types of content from math to history and music.

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Three Reasons Why You Should Start Creating Content Today

Content is King. I think you heard this wisdom sometime, somewhere already. Maybe even on this blog.

Content is King for many reasons but today we will take a look at the three top reasons why you as an online teacher should start creating content right now, well, after reading this post hopefully.

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