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TeachStreet and doMore – The Pan Pacific Edu Twins

Quoting the tagline of that classic movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito “Only their mother can tell them apart” and for me it was quite a shocker last week.

I got followed by doMore on Twitter early last week and when I had a look at the website I almost spit out my morning coffee. It looked exactly like TeachStreet! After getting over the initial shock and a quick email to Dave Schappell I learned that the Seattle startup actually joined forces with doMore, sharing its technology and experiences.

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Building a Bottom Up Online Education Marketplace with TinyPay.Me

TinyPay.Me is one of the smartest ideas in e-commerce I have seen in 2010. The service is super easy to use, set up in less than a minute and enables you to sell basically anything you want, receiving payments via PayPal.

At LeWeb in Paris the team launched the latest version of the service which includes the option to set up a marketplace. And here things are getting very interesting.

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