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On other Blogs: Note Sharing & Facebook Stock

First and foremost, thank you everyone who congratulated me on the new design for this blog and also made the remark that the only thing missing now was new content!
I figured that a lot of my readers have missed my activity here quite a bit as I  wrote in bulk but not regularly and continuously, lately. I can’t promise that this is going to change completely, but as you might have noticed, I already changed to a new cleaner and faster theme.

The goal is to post at least twice a week here, and I will also share short summaries of the blog posts I write for Disrupt Education, edcetera and from tomorrow on Fractus Learning.

This week I wrote two pieces. One about note sharing and the other about Facebook stock and why I think it is undervalued.

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The End

The End is Nigh: Ads in Skype Calls and Teens rather ask a Search Engine

The EndWell, I suppose this had to happen sooner or later. Today, I saw my first ad during a Skype call. Though I was able to minimize it, there was still a constant little message reading “show ad” on the right side next to the picture of the person I called .

At least the call was not interrupted with a video or audio sponsor message, still it feels not right, at least not in Skype. Yahoo! Messenger, sure. MSN, yeah, go for it. But Skype… Next time I’ll make a screenshot or if you experience these new ads (I think you need to upgrade Skype to the latest version) post one in the comments.

Looks as if I have to bite the bullet and finally upgrade to a business account. Well played, Microsoft.

Otherwise, I wrote a new post over at Disrupt Education. Apparently, teens don’t bother to ask parents or teachers anymore when they have a question. They rather google it or look it up on Wikipedia. Oh, they also think their parents are not smart enough to actually help them with their homework. Brave new world!

Picture: By NASA, via Wikimedia Commons

The Road Ahead – A Personal Update

As it’s the beginning of June and thus half the year went by already (as always I feel that January was just a short moment ago) but there is another six months to go before we’ll wrap-up 2011, I thought that today I’d give you some updates and reflections on my work and tell you about the progress of some of the projects.

In my own perception I felt, it would be relatively easy to get an overview on what I’m doing but thanks to the constant exchange with you guys in the comments on kirstenwinkler.com via email or also Skype I learned that there has sometimes been confusion and that is my job to give this whole thing a bit more of a structure, so that you’ll be able to follow the parts of my work you’re particularly interested in more easily.

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Introducing Disrupt Education – My New Blog on Big Think

Today is a special day for me as a blogger. I published my first post on my brand new blog called “Disrupt Education” which is part of the Big Think family.

Needless to say that I feel truly honored to be part of this global platform, connecting people and ideas and that mine will be along those of great thinkers like Dr. Michio Kaku, Erik Klemetti or Dominic Basulto to mention just three of them.

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